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Meet the Pets Behind Bark N Park

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Jamoka is the son of my first dog that I bought myself. Jamoka Jr. was the sweetest little guard dog; he didn't like anyone to hit anyone. He would stand up for anyone being hit. He died of cancer at 12; I miss him so much.
The smallest of the crew. Japan had seizures and hypoglycemia for 6 months of his life; I lost sleep for months keeping him alive. Japan is now a hospice care dog; he lives and works with my stepmother at a nursing facility.
This was my college guy! He was
wedding gift for another family, but
the wedding didn't happen, so the breeder called me to adopt him. We
had just adopted his sister Justice.
He went to Temple university with my sister to study Dance Therapy. Sadly he was hit by a car just shy of their graduation in 2014.
This little lady was affectionately known by many names; Prissy, Pris, Chicken, and Fat dog. She was everyone's favorite but loved my mother the most. After my mother passed and left her to me, she died a year later of heart failure at 13 years old.
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My heart dog, She was my sour patch kid, lol! She was the head of my pack; she kept everyone in line. Whenever I had a down day, she always made her way over to cheer me up. Bleu passed away at the great age of 14 from heart failure in 2022.
The youngest of the crew, I have wanted a St. Poodle for many years. After becoming a groomer, I finally found the little girl for me. I found her breeder on the arc website and was shocked that she only lived down the street from me.
I met her breeder and her parents,
I became their groomer, and in exchange, I was gifted her. She is a sweet, timid southern girl that I adore.
Daughter to Bleu and Japan, Nina shares my stepmother with Brady and Japan. She is a mama's girl and a hospice therapy dog at a nursing facility.
I was his groomer for about a year before I adopted him. His dad passed away, and his mom didn't want him anymore. He was signed over to the vet clinic I worked at, so I took him home for the weekend. That was 6 years ago, and now he is the oldest I have at 13.
My cat-niece, Miss sassy, paws herself Maxine, the only kitty in the pack.
She is a homebody at heart and loves to watch tv in her room. Maxine is my sister's baby.
The youngest of the pack, my dog-phew is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, and the apple of his parent's eye. My Snickie baby can't resist a ball; he never met a stuffie he didn't love! He gives real hugs, and I can't get enough of them.
Is my father's little lady; this gentle giant lives in Silver Spring, Maryland. Blaze and her brother get only the best from their parents.
He loves his bones, loves his rubs and belly pats. Big cliff is a lazy, loving boy who would give kisses all day.
My dog-phew he has been a great protector of his family; his best friend is a cat. He is a South Carolina with his big brother Jax. Tank crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 10. He will be so missed by everyone.
Jax is my 12-year-old dog-phew, he lives in South Carolina, and we used to be neighbors. Jax would cross our small dirt road to come to visit my dogs, and he would scratch at the door to be let in. When he was ready to go home he would just walk home, lol.

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